We are working on an English version of this website. In the meantime...should you need our assitance, please use the Contact page. We would be glad to help you complete your order. 
Our products can be shipped worldwide, we can inform you on worldwide shipping costs on request. 
Ash cilinders can be filled by you, we will provide instructions on how to seal.

The products on this website are put together with the greatest care and were developed as a result of extensive research. A beautiful pendant is not "just a jewel", it should reflect your character and you should feel happy with it. It should give you a feeling of well being, hence our motto "Where beauty and health come together".

The physical properties of our products come directly from nature, the healing powers and well-being effects of the minerals, fragrances, precious-stones, gemstones and elements have been known by mankind for thousands of years. This knowledge is the base for our entire range and this was also the motive in making this unique collection.

Happy shopping and greetings from the Netherlands!


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